Frith Farm

Friday, August 30, 2013

Turkeys Out to Pasture

Anybody who has visited the farm since Wednesday may have noticed a new addition to our pasture. The turkeys are just big enough to be out on pasture.

After a cozy few weeks in the hoop house they are very excited to be where they can eat as many bugs and as much grass as they desire.

Be sure to stop by and say hello as they follow the sheep around the pasture. They have been growing quickly and we have even heard their first few 'gobbles.'

It may seem a bit early to be planning for Thanksgiving, but these local, pasture-raised, certified Organic turkeys will sell out quickly. Leave your $10 deposit and leave us your info on the clipboard near the egg fridge in the barn. You can choose anywhere from 14 to 26 pounds, but be sure to show up early on pick-up day if you are concerned about precise size (Tuesday 26th, November). The price is $4.50 per pound.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cool Nights

Hello blog readers! This is Josh, formerly the long-haired intern. After hosting some of my friends at the farm last weekend, I decided I needed a change and cut my hair. It was great being able to share the farm with my guests. Here we are enjoying our big farm breakfast:

Cool nights at the farm are a signal that fall is quickly approaching. Last week we seeded the last of the crops. The seasons final round of spinach, turnips, rutabaga, kale, and beets are on their way.

 Last weeks cloudless mornings quickly warmed and dried the dew soaked grass.

Above the fall breezes change the sunny heat into a dusky chill!

The peppers are ripening up!

 Springs kale finishes as we await the new fall crop.

The hanging garlic is beautiful and delicious!
Thanks to my friend Ryan for taking such beautiful photos while visiting the farm last week!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Recent News

A few changes have happened since the last blog entry. Liz (the intrepid apprentice blogger whose posts you've been reading) has moved on, back to her home in Georgia. She is missed, but our new apprentice Cricka is already up to speed on the various farm tasks. Look for his photo and bio soon on the "team" page of the website.
Another recent addition to the farm community came last night when Miracle gave birth to 6 healthy piglets.

They look more like dad than mom. They are crosses between a Tamworth boar and a Berkshire sow.

Other highlights include our garlic harvest last week. In one afternoon we dug 4,000 heads of garlic and hung them in the barn to cure. The variety names make me think of dark northern winters, which these dense nuggets of spicy flavor help get us through: Red Russian, Georgian Fire, Music, German Extra Hardy, etc.

Ray, one of the recently-named farm kittens, took a special liking to the garlic and often stands guard over it ferociously:

The apprentices and I are hoping to take turns with the blog, so look for posts from Josh, Will, and Cricka in the near future!