Frith Farm

Sunday, April 28, 2013


It's been a lower-back heavy week! 

At times passing motorists may have seen two or more apprentices lying in the grass doing a yoga pose or two to stretch out. But all the effort has definitely been worth it as you look around at all the plants we have in the ground now.

 As I think back on the week, I see in my head a haze of beds in different parts of the farm. 

The kale and collards came first, as they were the leafiest and most ready to get out of the greenhouse.

Next came some kohlrabi and my first experience with Daniel's new dibbler contraption. Now we just roll this modified barrel down each row and the pegs create holes where we place each transplant from the greenhouse. 

Then, if memory serves me right, there were three straight days of onion planting! 

This year at Frith we will be offering five different kinds of onions in addition to shallots, all of which are already in the ground and reaching toward the sun.

It was a dry and sunny second half of the week, so we meticulously watered in each transplant. 

A new addition to the farm came in a chirping package from the postal service late last week. 

We now have baby chicks who are living in the hen house now that the layers are out on pasture. 

In just a few days the chicks are already noticeably bigger and will soon be out on pasture as well!

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