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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Growing Windrow

It is exciting to be collecting material that will eventually form rich compost to improve the soil. A quick check of the immediate neighborhood turned up leaves in the front yard, several farms with mounds of manure, and a veritable leaf mountain at the community recycling center. These have made their way to a central part of our field where a windrow is being formed, and we hope it will continue to grow.

Already parts of the windrow are heating up, as evidenced by steam rising, and the rising temperature as shown on the inserted 18-inch compost thermometer--up to 160 degrees! (These thermometers are sturdy, precise, and should be a part of every gardener's and cook's toolchest since they are easily moved from the compost to the turkey, the brownies, and back to the compost pile. )

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